João Monlevade

Fazenda Solar de Monlevade

  • João Monlevade - Fazenda Solar - Acervo/Programa Memória Arcelor Mittal

"Upon arriving at the lands of the old Arraial de São Miguel (today municipality of Rio Piracicaba), Jean Antoine Félix Dissandes de Monlevade started, around 1818, the construction of its residence, which would be named Solar da Fazenda Monlevade. To this end, he hired the services of Mr. João de Figueiredo, known carpenter of the region.

Majestic, stately and comfortable, the construction started to prevail on the landscape on the banks of the Piracicaba river. With a balcony on the four sides, both at the lower and upper levels, the Solar is a construction also marked by the safety of its structure, with folded rows of pillars. In its interior, there is a well decorated chapel, where periodically, masses and other religious activities were held. Various instruments and tools used in the construction of the farm and in the day-to-day work were produced by the very forge of Monlevade, performed with the strength of slave work. A good example of this are the hinges, latches and handles of the farm, still intact today, and operating normally.

Jean Monlevade's old properties were acquired by Belgo in late 1920, and the Solar of the Farm has been maintained with permanent restorations and stands out as a landmark of the Foundation of the city of João Monlevade. This is a space where the company receives visitors and keeps part of its historical collection.

In the architectural and landscape set of the farm, it is highlighted the Museum Monlevade of Iron and Steel and the Pioneers Monument, a tribute by Belgo and the descendants of Henri Meyers and René Heuwert to those who helped implement the first integrated steel mill of Latin America."

Text: Arcelor Mittal Monlevade Memory Program


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